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Communications Industry

The Milky Way

Cable Television

Commencing in 1983, HPC Puckett specialized in handling mergers, acquisitions and institutional financing for the classic and suburban cable television markets.  The Firm has orchestrated dozens of regionalized consolidations, representing hundreds of cable television properties.  This clustering approach, with consolidation of facilities and networks, continues to be HPC Puckett's specialty. We understand the market, the technology, and the financial commitments required to operate that business.

However, as a result of HPC Puckett's commitment to the optical industry, we only handle select cable television and telecommunication engagements, for past clients and associates in that sector, on a case by case basis.  The integration of information, telephone, cable television, and internet services, will act as the basic future for development of interactive multimedia, and more specialized entertainment. HPC Puckett continues to reinvest in a long-term approach and commitment to its past clients, and the industry, keeping ahead of the curve.

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