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Serving as the global voice for vision care products and services.  The Vision Council represents the manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry. They position their members to be successful in a competitive marketplace through education, advocacy, consumer outreach, strategic relationship building and industry forums.

The only international magazine devoted to the optical industry offering

vast coverage of developments in the field of manufacturing optics worldwide.


The AAAMS is the only place where nurses, practitioners and physicians can receive formal cosmetic surgery training in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

The optical Industry's leading news website, covering all things eye care and

vision care related, including eye wear, lenses, technology and management.


The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) is dedicated to teaching physicians who have a scientific and clinical interest in the specialty, and in developing or expanding their Aesthetic Medicine practice.

The goal of the Aesthetic Medicine News is to provide the latest information on all non-surgical or minimally invasive aesthetic procedures commonly performed in Medical Spas or physicians’ offices

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