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Our Process

HPC Puckett Advisory Company Specializes in the Optical Industry
HPC Puckett's focus in a particular industry allows us to learn every aspect of our client's business.  Add that knowledge to the transaction, legal, business, financial, and tax expertise of the Firm's professional team, and HPC Puckett's clients know that they are in good hands.  
Clients of HPC Puckett find it refreshing that the Firm's professional team understands their business, understands the supply chain, understands the differences in the type of markets that they serve, and fully grasps the associated complexity of state laws and certification requirements.  Bringing that knowledge to the process provides a unique opportunity to integrate each client's personal business knowledge with HPC Puckett's vast network of industry contacts.  HPC Puckett Advisory Company not only has direct contact with the material elements of the supply chain, but in most instances, the Firm has a deep, longstanding relationship with executives of the company, many of which are past clients of HPC Puckett.
HPC Puckett Advisory Company understands independent eye care professionals (ECP's) and the important role they have in customers' experiences. HPC knows how each business works together from optical manufacturing, supply and distribution, doctor alliances, buying groups, and ECP practice consolidation.  The Firm is instrumental in advising its clients not only of the current industry status, but what is on the near and mid-term horizon as well.
In coordinating the rapidly increasing number of consolidations within the optical industry, HPC Puckett has, from the onset, been the catalyst for:
  • Establishing the formulas for valuation of optical business'
  • Setting the foundation for acquisition procedures
  • Establishing reasonable guidelines for documentation criteria
  • Establishing accounting procedures and balancing industry norms with GAAP accounting
  • Creating deferred acquisition concepts and "Partner" structures involving strategic alliances
HPC Puckett Advisory Company believes every client is its most important.  Recognizing that all transactions are unique, HPC Puckett approaches each new engagement in the following manner:
  • Evaluate and understand the needs of the client, their family, their employees, and their business
  • Organize the financial, technical, legal, and operational information in order to evaluate the business
  • Value the optical business using established valuation procedure developed by the Firm
  • Develop alternative choices for the client and prepare a business plan that meets the client's needs
  • Prepare a Confidential Information Memorandum, where a sale, merger, or strategic alliance is the goal
  • Identify qualified prospective acquisition, merger, or investment candidates
  • Evaluate offers and negotiate the terms of the transaction with client's authority
  • Negotiate and assist in drafting the definitive documents, prepare closing schedules, coordinate with and assist outside legal and financial representatives, assist in obtaining third party consents, and coordinate all closing procedures
  • Bring added value to every transaction by acting as the mirror of the specialized acquisition departments of the consolidators and liaison of the client. 
Even as HPC Puckett expands into other industries, we continue to be committed to the optical sector.  This commitment is evidenced by the Firm's involvement in:
  • Active participation in The Vision Council
  • Participation in numerous speaking engagements and panels in the US and internationally
  • Formation and continued involvement in The Optical Pioneers and Optical Hall of Fame programs
  • Monitoring and advising dozens of independently owned entities on a continuous basis
  • Promoting and advocating independent business' and eye care professional's rights and issues
The Firm provides detailed financial analysis, strategic planning, valuation analysis, assistance in document review and preparation, and closing procedures, as needed, for a successful transaction.  The Firm's reputation for honesty, service, and reliability is well known and our curated relationships with prospective industry buyers and private equity partners provides the best opportunity for a successful outcome for our clients. 
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