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Medical Aesthetic Facilities and Related Services

Pebble Beach

Medical Aesthetics

In 2024, HPC Puckett expanded to clients in the Medical Aesthetic industry. Each practice provides their customers with a unique combination of services administered by Doctors and healthcare professionals. Services may include facial dermabrasion, laser treatments, peels, hair replacement therapies, medical weight loss assistance and monitoring, laser hair removal, and some outpatient surgical procedures. The health and wellness space is a popular and rapidly growing industry as more patrons are seeking these types of treatments. 

As a leader in the M&A industry as a specialist advisor, HPC's experience allows our team to feel confident in evaluating the business aspect of these facilities, while also understanding that every business has its own personality and nuances. The HPC team spends time learning about each and every client they meet to determine their goals and assess their specific needs. Interest from buyers in this industry is also growing and HPC understands the importance of having sell-side advisors to engage sellers and represent their interests while expertly guiding clients through a transaction.

Moving into the sector was a natural fit for HPC Puckett given the Firm's experience with both healthcare practices and private equity. Our history in the consolidation of the cable television industry and other optical sectors, including the optical laboratory industry, provides HPC Puckett with a clear template for the pending consolidation of businesses in the Medical Aesthetic and related health and wellness services industry.
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