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Since 1983
Our Firm

HPC Puckett Advisory Company is a privately held Merger and Acquisition Advisory Firm providing specialized financial services to strategic industries. Since its formation in 1983, HPC Puckett and its executives have handled hundreds of transactions with an aggregate valuation in excess of $20 billion.  HPC Puckett maintains its corporate offices in Rancho Santa Fe, California and Topeka, Kansas.

Our Team Approach

HPC Puckett's clients receive not only individualized personal contact, but they also receive the benefit of a tightly integrated professional team. As a transaction progresses, each of the Firm's professionals become involved at the point where his or her expertise can be of the most benefit to the client, thus ensuring that every detail is considered and handled in the most thorough and expedient manner. This translates into successful results.

Specialized Services

HPC Puckett Advisory Company, unlike most other firms, takes a specialized approach and provides a complete range of services to companies and financial institutions in the sectors of:

  • Optical Eye Care Professionals & Retail

  • Optical Manufacturing, Suppliers & Distribution

  • Select Communications Transactions

HPC Puckett's role in each transaction is to understand the client's goals and objectives, establish and sustain a market valuation that recognizes past and future performances, negotiate a well structured and financially attractive transaction, and assist outside professionals in preparing documentation, as well as, organizing closing procedures, for:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Strategic Alliances and Investments

  • Financial Advisory Services

Integrity and Results

HPC Puckett Advisory Company has developed a two-fold reputation for unwavering integrity and solid results. The foundation of that reputation is a continued commitment to an unparalleled level of professional service, predicated on strong ethics and absolute confidentiality. As a result, the Firm's clients, on a repeated basis, can always rely on honest, reliable, confidential and consistent results. HPC Puckett is proud of the "added-value" brought to each of the Firm's hundreds of completed transactions. HPC Puckett encourages prospective clients to visit the sites below to view the Firm's recent and historical transactions for recommendations.

Specialized Areas

Optical Manufacturing

Suppliers and Distribution

Optical Retail

Eye Care Professionals

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